Ankur and Ankita


Ankur & Ankita’s Wedding

Remember how Chandler from Friends would grimace when it came to facing the camera? People might dismiss that as fiction, but no, camera shyness is a real phenomenon. That would be Ankita, pretty, yet conscious. We, at Frames N Films believe that it’s our job to make our customers feel comfortable in front of the camera when we click their pictures. So before we begin the shoot, we usually discuss ideas and angles with them to make sure that we get the best out of the photo-shoot!

Ankur N Ankita approached us for a pre wedding shoot through social media and already had a few ideas in their mind. It becomes very convenient for us when couples interact with us prior to the photo shoot and present their thoughts and preferences so that we can lay down the shoot programme together. Ankur N Ankita are one of those couples.

Both industrious people, Ankur, originally from Rajasthan, working in an MNC in Mumbai and Ankita in Pune wanted to do the shoot in the city Mumbai. Boasting of a perfect combination of urban development and rich history, this city is known to have something for everybody. Hence, it is no surprise that Mumbai is commonly known as ‘The City of Dreams’. From beaches to hills, historical monuments to ultra-modern architecture, it has it all. We made sure to capture the essence of the city in this photo shoot.

We began the shoot in the beaches. Populated by thousands of people every day, the Mumbai beaches are a very happening spot and the perfect backdrop for a jolly photo shoot. Then we moved to the streets and the lush green gardens of the infamous South Bombay. Finally we proceeded to Bandra Fort, also known as Castella de Aguada. The fort, with rich Portuguese architecture gave an aesthetic vibe to the photos.

Mumbai has a typical subtropical climate and the city is at its best during the winter season. We took full advantage of the fact that the shoot was done in the month of January and hence the photos came out to be extremely appealing.

Due to the efficient work by our team along with the cooperation of the couple, the photo shoot was a success. To ensure that Ankur N Ankita would be pleased by our work, we did our best so that they would be comfortable posing with us. We showed them the angles in which they look good and gave them an inducement about the photo shoot. It’s easy for a person to become shy if they’re not used to being photographed, or they don’t know the photographer. To detach the uneasiness, we approach the full shoot with friendliness and geniality.

Since the entire shoot depends on the collaboration and relationship between us and our subject, it’s our job to make them feel relaxed enough to create the shot we are looking for.

Turns out, Ankur N Ankita had an amazing day with us at Frames N Films as did we with them, and they were pretty satisfied with the results. They even gave us a five star rating on our reviews and ended the shoot with a smiling face.

Do check out the full album of the pre wedding photo shoot of Ankur N Ankita!