Kevin Vini

Pre Wedding

Kevin Vini’s Wedding

Kevin is a fun-loving, young man, in the prime of his life, exuberant in all that he does, enthusiastic, and flamboyant as they come…
Vini is a soft-spoken, gentle introvert, as demure and shy as Kevin is outgoing…

Recently, in one of the most memorable weddings we’ve ever seen, Kevin and Vini tied the knot in a grand ceremony full of glitz and glamour.

Kevin and Vini’s is an arranged marriage, planned by their families — a match made in heaven, united here on earth.

This might as well be the story of how Kevin and Vini met, and what transpired next, that eventually led up to the wedding day.
Instead, this is the story of what happened after the couple said their ‘Yes’-es; a picture story of all the next level awesomeness with which they brought in their wedding festivities.

When Kevin and Vini called up the Frames N Films office and told us they wanted some professional wedding photographers to cover their pre-wedding festivities in Mumbai, we started thinking of new themes befitting a classical wedding function with mehendi, sangeet, and phere.

However, Kevin and Vini’s wedding festivities were all that and more.

This wedding started off with a bang at ‘A Bar Called Life’, in Juhu. This plush Mumbai bar was the chosen venue for Kevin and Vini’s lit cocktail party.

As cosmopolitans, daiquiris, and sambucas set the vibe for a rocking night, our team of wedding photographers started making the most of the beautiful yellow-pink lights to click candid pictures of the enthusiastic night-time revellers.

Some events work best when it’s just the bride and groom, with very close friends and family members. Kevin and Vini hosted a private mehendi at home, spiced up by all the fun pre-wedding gossip, giggles, and laughter that are characteristic of all Indian mehendis.

Catchy tunes from classic Bollywood films had all the buas, mausis, and chachis grooving with henna-painted palms.

The bride’s own mehendi was, of course an absolute show-stealer with all its intricate detailing and traditional design elements.

As the morning of the D-day arrived, the Frames N Films wedding team started prepping to cover Kevin and Vini’s wedding pheras at the ITC Grand in Lower Parel.

There’s hardly a moment more rife with emotions in a girl’s life than the last few minutes before she steps out of her room as a bride. In this picture we’ve captured the soft light reflecting off Vini’s jewellery, making her beautiful eyes sparkle with the emotions of a lifetime.

The wedding ended on a high note, as the beautiful couple committed to each other for a lifetime full of joy, laughter, and adventures, in the midst of friends, family, and some very amazing food…