Gaurav Kajol


Gaurav Kajol’s Wedding

The fragrance of hot chai spiced with ginger and lemongrass wafted into her dreams and woke Kajol from her deep slumber. A pleasant, cherubic glow flushed across her sleep-softened countenance, as she let the magnanimity of the morning sink in.
This was no ordinary sunrise; it was the day that was to mark the beginning of a brand new life for Kajol.

Soft sunlight filtered in through her partially open bedroom window, riding upon a crisp winter breeze. Muffled sounds of the slow-paced Nagpur traffic could be heard in the distance.
This was home, had been for years. Slowly but surely the realisation that she would be moving out of this home, this city, this familiar fragrance of tea, all of it started sinking in.
In a few hours from now, Kajol would be married; somebody’s wife. As she sipped her tea, memories of the first time she met Gaurav came flooding in. She remembered feeling more nervous that day than she had ever felt before.

Gaurav was based out of Mumbai. Kajol’s mom had already told her a
little bit about him. Before she even saw him, she knew he belonged to a Gujarati family similar to hers, had a good sense of humour, was well educated, and got by well in life.
This was hardly enough information for Kajol. She wasn’t even sure what they’d talk about. Luckily, Gaurav had her back there, even though she didn’t know it back then.

When Gaurav’s family first heard about Kajol, her name instantly put smiles on their faces. Their daughter, Gaurav’s sister was also called Kajol. That’s not a common name at all — what were the odds! Gaurav had pre-empted the awkward silence that usually accompanied arranged marriage meetings.

He knew just the right time to use his sister’s name as an ice-breaker. Mix that with just the right amount of humour and a charming chuckle or two, and voila! — you’ve got yourself a fun conversation going. As the pre-wedding frenzy picked up at home, Kajol found herself diving into yet another more recent but equally fond memory.

Two days back, as she sat surrounded by hordes of relatives getting
her hands beautifully decorated with intricate patterns in henna, Kajol’s phone rang. ‘Gaurav’ flashed on the screen as an image of the groom-to-be popped up.

A close cousin had held up the phone to Kajol’s ear so she could talk to the man of her dreams without messing her mehendi. She’d blushed like a teenager that day, hearing Gaurav whisper sweet nothings into the phone.

The memory made her blush again. Luckily, today, everyone at home was too busy to notice. Then again, these are the very moments one wants to capture and cherish in the times to come.

The wedding photography team from Frames n Films Studio meticulously captured every smile, every tear, every outfit, and every stolen glance at Gaurav and Kajol’s wedding.

Like we do with every Indian wedding photography project, we went the extra mile and captured the baraat’s entry, the guests’ reactions, the mangalsutra ceremony, and every single phera, too!
Suffice it to say, the guests enjoyed this glam wedding as much as the bride and groom!