Sakhi N Rahil – A Perfect combination of Xing N Xang

Three years back, Dhvani N Sunay tied the knot in Mumbai, and we at Frames N Films shot the exquisitely elegant wedding. Fast forward to 2019 and Dhwani’s younger sister, Sakhi is all set to marry her love, Rahil, and already impressed by our services, Sakhi N Rahil once again gave us the chance to shoot yet another beautiful wedding ceremony, this time in the city of Mumbai.

Their fairy tale began in college, when they first met and ever since then, there was no stopping their love, with the couple even working side by side as advertising creative individuals and after 9 years of doting each other, Sakhi N Rahil decided to tie the knot. Sakhi was perhaps the happiest person on the planet that she opted to plan the entire wedding herself, being a design student there was no better person than Sakhi to do the job! She was quite particular about the wedding and made sure that the entire saga was well planned and colour coordinated, for which they selected to wear none other than Sabyasachi!

They initiated their celebrations with a voguish cocktail ceremony at Kino Cottage, attended by the couple’s friends and cousins. It was a very cheerful gala and the best part was that we were well acquainted with most of the couples there! They had put their faith in us to cover their respective weddings and it was great meeting our amazing customers again. It all resulted in some lively, Instagram-worthy photographs of the zestful event, what a great start to #sararara, their personalised hashtag! The photos were an instant hit at the social media handles of FramesNFilms as Sakhi looked like an actual princess in a lavender tutu dress and Rahil complimented her looking as charming as ever.

Following the tradition of Haldi, a ceremony with the essence of preparing the bride and
groom for their big wedding day, cleansing their skin and healing it, Sakhi N Rahil got
adorned in yellow at their respective houses. Their houses, decorated with flowers and
designs screamed WEDDING! The family is very involved in the Haldi ceremony as they are the ones to apply the turmeric paste to the bride and groom. After the Haldi, the couple and their guests got ready for the much awaited event, the Wedding!

What’s an Indian wedding without a whole day of dance and singing performances? Sakhi N Rahil had a splendid Sangeet ceremony at Aquaba, Lower Parel. The Sangeet was all colours and carnations surrounded by lush green gardens. The highlight of the event was the couple’s beauteous dance performance, later joined by the guests. All the ladies got their palms decorated in pretty henna designs for the next day, the wedding. A brief Lagan event was also performed wherein both the families exchanged cards and most of all blessings for the couple.

For their wedding, Sakhi N Rahil went with the legendary Sabhyasachi for their outfits. Rahil entered Cooperage grounds, Mumbai, along with his baraat in full swing. The site was breathtakingly beautiful, giving all the royal vibes. The pastel green lehenga, shimmering gold ornaments and a beautiful smile made the bride, Sakhi look adorable. As they were performing their nuptials, Sakhi couldn’t hold back her tears as she moved to the next phase of her life with Rahil. The location and the theme of the wedding stemmed into heavenly shots for the couple to cherish forever.
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