Sabrina N Dhruvik – Celebrating the coming together of Two religions, two Souls into Oneness – A Destination wedding shot at Kensville Golf living resorts and Spa, Ahmedabad.

In one of the most unique weddings we at have ever covered,
Sabrina and Dhruvik found our profile on Instagram profile and decided to go with our team for shooting their wedding. What was unique about it was that Sabrina N Dhruvik tied the knot not once, but twice! Coming from different religions, this magnificent wedding had a Nikah, followed by a traditional Hindu ceremony was performed. A heavenly environment with so much love and mutual respect for everyone was the crowning factor in the gala.

When two people of different faiths get married, they learn to adapt to different thoughts and perspectives and the best part is that you also get to celebrate different festivals
which means more fun and celebrations at home! Moreover, what’s better than
having a partner with similar goals and interests? Both creative people, Sabrina an
architect and Dhruvik a construction giant, united in a private resort in Ahmedabad,
colourful, full of lights and with a rich heritage. Dhruvik even took the bold step of
leaving his lucrative job in the United States, interestingly the country where they
met, to pursue his goals in India.

Sabrina N Dhruvik kick started their nuptials with a gleaming Sangeet ceremony for
the groom, Dhruvik in Rajkot, the much celebrated capital of the previous state of
Saurashtra. It was a grand gala adorned with beauteous Gujarati traditions, not to
miss the graceful Garba sessions of course! The ceremony was all colours, so vibrant
that merely looking at the pictures will take anyone into a jolly wedding mood. From
the guests’ attires to the surrounding lush green woodlands; decorated with bright
yellow and orange Marigold flowers, the pictures of the event had its own vibe. After
the rituals, the groom’s family danced the night away before moving on to


Ahmedabad is colourful, full of lights, and has a rich heritage, just ideal for an alluring
wedding like theirs. Undoubtedly, one Sangeet ceremony was not enough for such a
lofty wedding! So Sabrina N Dhruvik had a twin Sangeet, this one attended by both of
the families. Prior to that, a Mehndi ritual took place on the same day in which
Sabrina and her ladies got their palms decorated in fancy henna designs. She chose
to wear a flamboyant yellow suit with golden details for the occasion and needless to
say, looked pretty charming.

As the sun went down, it was time for the Sangeet! The pretty hanging lights made
the event so picturesque and clearly, the photographs came out to be naturally
aesthetic. From the bride and groom to all the friends, family and kids, everyone
adorned the night with dances and other performances. The handsome couple wore
colour contrasting outfits with Dhruvik dressed in a yellow kurta topped with a
traditional blue jacket and Sabrina in a majestic red ensemble.


Finally, the much awaited day arrived and it all commenced with a glorious Haldi
ceremony by the pool side. The highlight of the event was an interesting photo booth
of an Instagram cut out with their very own hashtag #sabrinaxdhruvik. With the
addition of the photo booth, the event became even livelier and all the guests went
forward to click cutesy photographs there!

Making a grand entrance, atop on a white mare, arrived Dhruvik for the capital
event, the wedding! Dressed in a royal golden sherwani and crimson accessories, he
was accompanied by his fellow baraatis who entered the vibrantly decorated resort,
dancing and singing in full swing. In one of the most unique weddings we’ve ever
covered, Sabrina was draped in a regal scarlet coloured attire and was adorned with
graceful jewellery. To begin with, they first performed a “nikah”, named for the
Arabic word for marriage, wherein, the Khutbah was read followed by Arsi Mushaf,
the first time the couple looks at each other as husband and wife.

The nikah ceremony was followed by a traditional Hindu wedding gala with all the conventional pompous rituals. The wedding ceremony was garnished with a classical band who sang verses from Sufi mystics and Indian Classics, there was delicious food, divine ornamentation and splendid music. On top of all that, none other than Gujarat’s hon.CM came to bless the couple, so awe-inspiring, right? This stunning fusion of the two
faiths, stemmed for some astonishing pictures embellished by beautiful decorations.

To wrap up the festivities, a special reception ceremony was organised, where the
families of the bride and the groom gave some marvellous speeches which gave the
environment warmth and excitement simultaneously, so astounding that you wish
you were there to listen to all those narratives!

Our team at Frames N Films did quite the justice to the exquisite wedding by
meticulously capturing all the beauteous moments into photographs and videos. This
wedding isn’t the one to miss out and for everyone out there.

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