Hardik N Niyati – Love Tonic

Hardik N Niyati – Love Tonic

Hardik N Niyati are a classic tale of love! This strong couple, both doctors, met each other in college, eventually fell in love and decided to get married. Their marriage was also one of a kind, this couple celebrated their nuptials in full jollification and revelry along with the blessing of their families. The Punjabi girl and the Marwari boy, married upon love wanted to treasure their moments through photos, and are team did quite the justice to their beautiful wedding.

They began their wedding festivities with a pre wedding shoot with us at Frames N Films in the most sought after place in India, “Goa!” amongst the pristine blue beaches with golden sand. Most tourists flock here to enjoy sunny days, blissful beaches, spicy curries, vibrant markets, wild nightlife and much more, all infused with the special and captivating blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, surrounded by all that our beautiful couple had a vivid and colourful kick start to their marriage high spirits. So picturesque, right!?

There’s nothing quite like a perfect summer day – with the sun sitting high in a cloudless sky – the perfect backdrop for lively photographs and friends and family gathered together, the pool is the epicentre of these wonderful afternoons. It’s the official party spot, complete with your favourite music, great conversations and lots of laughter. This would be the ultimate description to Hardik N Niyati’s lively pool party.  The couple looked great, the food was delicious, for no pool party is complete without food, drinks and all those little extras that make taking a dip even more enjoyable and all this fun resulted in some exquisite photographs!

This was followed by a Sangeet ceremony with traditional functions. The exemplary thing about this union was that both of the families equally respected each other’s traditions, without barring their differences.

There is the comfort of familiarity in a love marriage which was clearly evident in our couple. The boy and the girl, generally are acquainted with each other for a considerable period of time and Hardik N Niyati were college sweethearts, finally becoming man and wife. There was no stopping their love. They had a heavenly Sangeet ceremony with beauteous dance performances by the families, friends and the couple themselves. Our team captured the glamorous gala for the couple to cherish them as memories.

Continuing the grand events, Hardik N Niyati finally tied the knot at a resort in Mumbai. It was an impressive commotion and its photos stemmed into souvenirs of joy, and traditions of the wedding ceremony. Niyati was dressed in an alluring traditional Indian lehenga along with splendid jewellery and looked every bit a stunning lady. To parallel her, Hardik wore a regal outfit and the couple looked pretty gorgeous. We clicked some divine photos of their look and outfits, do check them out!

The wedding ceremony was all glitz and glamour complete with a union of two cultures. The location, lighting and looks was just fit for us at Frames N Films to create some aesthetic photographs, so that Hardik N Niyati would someday look back at those photos and reminisce about their marriage day!

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Harmish N Disha – Experiments with Light & Laughter

Every now and then our team of photographers comes across a couple that’s very involved in the planning and execution of their pre-wedding photoshoot. We’ve noticed over time, that such photoshoots in fact turn out very good.
The couple’s involvement in the planning process adds a touch of personalisation to the photoshoot, and the end result turns out very unique. Harmish and Disha were one such couple, deeply involved with the planning of their pre-wedding photoshoot. They had done their research, and were in fact quite particular about how they wanted certain photographs done.
Our team of wedding photographers had a blast, got to experiment with some new techniques, and most importantly, create masterpieces with light.

Harmish and Disha made the most of their photoshoot by keeping outfits well-coordinated, minimal, yet very appealing.

While their immediate family’s arranged their marriage to each other, and the relatives pitched in to assist with and plan the wedding festivities; when it came to their pre-wedding photography, they took it upon themselves, and hired the very best in the business.

Harmish and Disha had been browsing through Instagram, looking for ideas to choreograph their wedding photos, when they came upon our Instagram profile

When they contacted us and told us that their locations of choice were Pawna and Mumbai, we started doing our research, set up a meeting with the couple and planned out the details with valuable inputs from both, the bride and the groom.

The first photograph was a unique experiment with light, to create a fiery halo around the couple as they leaned in for a kiss by the sea. Set against the backdrop of a setting sun, this one was the bride’s favourite.

Then came a set of photos juxtaposed against an architectural masterpiece of the groom’s choice, in Mumbai. Take a look at the pictures and tell us in the comments section, where you think these have been clicked.

For these images, we made the most of the natural sunlight filtering onto the asphalt and ever so softly, in keeping with the start of a crisp winter.

Then came a series of colourful walls, all of which added elements of laughter, joy, and youthfulness to the pre-wedding photo album. We looked for walls with unique characteristics, shapes, and themes — walls with stories that the couple could look back on years later, and reminisce with
smiles on their faces.

The ideating process is the most important when it comes to planning a good pre-wedding photoshoot. We recommend doing a little bit of research on your own, to identify your preferred style of photography. That way, when you meet our photographers, they’ll be able to add to your ideas and build a photography plan keeping your preferences in mind.

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Kevin N Vini : A Pre Wedding at Anchaviyo – a forest retreat.

Kevin N Vini : A Pre Wedding at Anchaviyo – a forest retreat.

Kevin N Vini had a very specific idea of a pre wedding – Having fun and relaxing for a day in this amazing retreat near Mumbai – Anchaviyo, this was truly a blessing for our team as we at Frames N Films – believe in shooting the best moments without bothering couples, and that’s what we did.

Do check out the pictures and you would know the vibe of this awesome spring day and the love among this couple!